Monday, October 8, 2007

New York Review Books

NYRB publishes the most choice titles, reintroducing remarkable books that have fallen out of print or merely out of sight in recent years. Its eclectic collection ranges from the fictional such as Alberto Moravia's Contempt, the factual such as The Moro affair by Leonardo Sciascia, to the critical such as The Crisis of The Negro Intellectual by Harold W. Cruse; all of them of outstanding quality, and outstandingly printed on beautiful paperback, meticulously chosen paper stock and typeface.
They're available in yr Borders n Waterstones, etc, but usually the smaller independent bookshops in the States would have a collection of them laid out on a table of their own and you'll stand there wanting to clear out the part of yr brain currently subjugated by TV episodes to make room for this wealth of beautiful knowledge:

New York Review Books

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Tom said...

haha these are all like past conversations.nice bugle blog